The Atco Ghost

The legend of the Atco Ghost will be part of the DVPA's Legends & Lore: Double Feature that is scheduled for a March 2009 release. The DVD documentary will feature the legend of the Atco Ghost and the Downingtown Twin Tunnels legend. For more information on how to order your copy and to see movie previews, visit here

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The Atco Ghost

 The DVPA does not encourage or endorse anyone visiting Burnt Mill Rd. or it's surrounding areas. Any person(s) choosing to visit do so at their own risk and the DVPA is in no way responsible.
The Legend
The story of the Atco ghost is set in the southern New Jersey town of Atco. The Atco ghost is the residual haunting of a little boy, who was killed while chasing after his ball in the street. There are two different stories behind the legend, the little boy was struck by a car or was struck by a truck that was leaving the nearby sewage plant.  Since there are two versions to this urban legend there are also two ways to instigate an encounter, both start the same. First, one has to drive to Burnt Mill Road at midnight (to increase the likelihood of an encounter) and park three telephone poles away from the house that is closest to the sewage plant.  Secondly, one must  sound their horn 3 times, blink their headlights 3 times and if they are lucky the image of a young boy chasing a basketball out into the street can be seen.  Or another way to see the ghost is to park the car in the same spot, get out and walk 20 ft. behind the vehicle. Once they are about 20 ft. away they can turn around and look at the vehicle in time to see the ghost. Supposedly the ghost will appear, looking for his murderer.

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