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The legend of the Downingtown Twin Tunnels will be part of the DVPA's Legends & Lore: Double Feature that is scheduled for a March 2009 Release. The DVD documentary will feature this legend and the legend of the Atco Ghost. For more information on how to order your copy and to see movie previews, visit here

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This page is strictly for informational use only. The DVPA does not encourage anybody to visit the Downington Twin Tunnels.  If you read this and go to the tunnels because of it,
you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible.
The 'Twin Tunnels' are located on the dark & partially wooded Valley Creek Road in Downingtown, PA. The name 'twin tunnels' is actually a bit misleading as there are actually three tunnels. Most stories, however, only mention the first two.

There are two main versions of the legend, however, both versions involve a women. The first legend states that the tunnel is haunted by a young woman who hung herself there many years ago. It claims that in the late 1800s, a young woman became pregnant out of wedlock and was banished from her family. After a devastatingly lonely and depressing pregnancy, the woman is said to have climbed to the top of the tunnel and, with child in hand, hung herself. It is said that the ghosts of the young women and her fatal child can be seen by people traveling through the tunnel at night. Also, many visitors to the tunnel have reported hearing the sounds of a baby crying.

The second version of the legend is born out of a confirmed true story. In the early 1990s, the remains of a young women were found inside of a suitcase just outside of one of the tunnels. Local and state police held an extensive investigation but no information was ever found. The identity of the woman was also never discovered and she became known simply as 'Suitcase Jane Doe'. The murder remains unsolved today. This version of the legend claims that the ghost of 'suitcase Jane' remains at the tunnels searching for her murderers. Many visitors have claimed to have heard cries of 'Help Me' inside the tunnels. Mischievous visitors have soray-painted a mock suitcase to supposedly show the exact location the remains were found.